Ahreum Lee is a multimedia artist and musician from Seoul, South Korea. She is currently pursuing her MFA at Concordia University. Working primarily through the medium of sound her work examines the feedback loop caused by the codependent relationship between the individual and society.

Prior to immigrating to Canada she exhibited her multi-disciplinary work extensively in her home country. Since moving to North America, she has exhibited and performed at Fonderie Darling in Montreal as well as at Studio XX as part of the HTMLLES festival, Axis Lab in Chicago, and at the Sightings cube of the Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery.

DESCRIPTION: I+CARE is a series of advertisements for imagined future furniture. These surrealistic instructions for home equipment are intended to mock the ubiquity of commercial ads for DIY products and expose their system of influence. The artist conceives impossible health machine DIY kits to portray a “future” where one “imagines” that every stress-related medical problem could be solved by oneself. Packed with playful ironies, Lee’s work illuminates the anxiety of living in non-permanent residences in a capital-oriented society as well as the rhetorical power of positive lifestyle marketing permeating urban culture through “do it yourself” and “self-care” commercial ads. As the artist says, this group of works is a meditation on alienation and anxiety caused by shadow labor market in our neoliberal economies.