Alexis Bulman is a Prince Edward Island artist, currently working out of Montreal, QC. Bulman graduated from NSCAD University in 2013 and employs her training by assuming the role of a facilitator/builder of installations, sculptures and video works that translate the patterns of her physical movement and bodily occupation of space into visual form. Bulman’s work integrates physical difference into pieces naturally and without compromise by studying and celebrating the behavioral similarities between body and place as we co-exist to find the path of least resistance.

DESCRIPTION: “After undergoing major spinal surgery a student is no longer able to participate in gym class. The phys ed teacher sits the student at a desk, places 12 red cups in front of her and presses play to a VHS tape of competitive cup stacking. For three semesters the student sits alone and stacks 12 red cups in different sequences in varied levels of complexity and clumsiness. No ever competes against her, or checks her technique.”

A true gym class experience is retold and related to the similarly isolating and repetitive process of receiving medical care (examinations, tests, ticking clocks, beeping machines..) Through performance, Up-Stack, Down-Stack, allows the interior struggles of an invisible disability to be played out through outer terrains of competitive cup-stacking.