Anne-Marie Donovan is a theatre and opera director, performer and creator, originally from Montreal. Anne-Marie has created a number of works for the stage: Maanomaa, Frankenstein’s Ghosts, The Last 15 Seconds. She is now working on the creation of Echos de Phèdre here in New Brunswick, and très loin with BoucharDanse in Toronto. Anne-Marie moved from Ontario to the Kingston Peninsula in 2017.

DESCRIPTION: Peace March is for a group of forward and backward walkers guiding each other through public space. It is necessarily slow, silent and mindful, qualities needed to walk in this manner safely. Trust, awareness, fear, collaboration, calm, deep listening are experiences that emerge.

Protest features community performers uttering a series of sounds in unison drawn from a meditation by Michael Vetter. Protest brings attention to the importance of speaking out, the vital right to protest, the potentially revolutionary nature of protest (the vocal utterances are inherently disruptive by virtue of how absurd they sound), and the community-building aspects of protest. The piece is also quite humorous and can be performed through joy and cathartic release.