Chris Donovan is a lens-based artist and photojournalist currently based between Toronto and his home-town of Saint John. He has twice been named Canadian Photojournalist of the Year and works regularly with The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s Magazine and others. His artistic practice has brought him from Saint John to Kenya to Flint, Michigan, to document the shared human experience. His work has been recognized by the National Newspaper Awards, Pictures of the Year International and others; but he is often best-known in Saint John for his earliest photo project, “Humans of Saint John”.

DESCRIPTION: “As a kid, I looked up at the pulp mill while driving over the Harbour Bridge and asked my father if it made all of the world’s clouds. ‘No,’ he replied. ‘They make money.’”

This interaction has been the foundation of Donovan’s artistic practice. The Cloud Factory project is a reflection on growing up in a company town. It’s a comment on the realities of inevitable compromise when a town relies on a harmful industry for survival.

“Ultimately, the project is my love letter to Saint John. My hometown. A city that I find challenging, ugly, beautiful, timeless, difficult and perfect all at the same time.”