Collectif HAT is a group of three artists from different backgrounds, who have joined forces to create multimedia art installations, experimental films and live VJ projections. They work using a combination of mediums such as video, computer graphics, sound and light. In 2018, their work was showcased at RE:FLUX, Inspire Festival and FICFA in Moncton. Recently theyʼve been researching immersive environments with hopes to integrate an interactive component in future works. Additionally, the collective often performs VJ sets accompanying local bands or DJs throughout the Maritimes.

DESCRIPTION: Using computer generated graphics, video, digital drawings and experimental
audio, Variations Botaniques / Botanic Variations is an audiovisual experience created on a large urban wall. Starting at dusk, an extensive composition is slowly revealed on the building throughout the evening, turning it into a giant canvas. The visual composition is made of graphic and abstract elements, growing on the wall as the design takes shape.

With a unique visual composition generated for each location where it is presented, the artists are inviting the audience to reconsider their surroundings. They have researched the architectural specifics and gathered data about the city, then used this information to shape their composition through a visual effects computer program. Moreover, the composition is adapted to fully utilise the building it is projected onto, creating a virtual green wall.

Green urban areas facilitate physical activity and relaxation, and form a refuge from noise. Variations Botaniques / Botanic Variations creates a temporary architecture that seeks to eliminate barriers between the built environment and its surrounding ecosystem. In a time where climate change is ever-present, the artists intend to shift consciousness towards a greener economy and highlight the importance of responsible urbanisation.