Kamille Cyr is a multidisciplinary artist working and living in Québec City. Her work uses accumulation and material irony to present a spectacle of geometric shapes, repetitive objects and colours. Cyr explores her interest in a variety of social issues such as material consumerism and its social impact on the environment through methods of mass production.

DESCRIPTION: Scattered around, surrounded by an environment of brick and concrete, 1/438 comes to life when passers-by move or take them. 1/438 consist of 438 glow in the dark minimalist houses. These small sculptures encourage passers-by to be part of the action. They reflect the daily alteration of an environment by the people who use it. Faced with the discovery of one of the houses during the event, it is possible to speculate on the location of others. They travel with the help of people’s journeys. Without a fixed motive, they become alive and uncontrollable. Follow their movement using #1/438