Marissa Sean Cruz is an interdisciplinary artist. Cruz’s practice is based in Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal) and is focused in video and performance. As a biracial Filipinx, Cruz’s work negotiates a layered socioracial identity. Through symbolism and linguistics, Cruz offers propositions to challenge social engagements—specifically relating to notions within Western and South-East Asian labour. These confrontations, conceptual systems, and prop-comedy performances comment on her relations to the diaspora.

DESCRIPTION: Cruz’ interest in linguistics, politics and pop culture feed into the creation of an alternate, dystopic reality that addresses issues of labour, race and identity in her work smoke-filled room. Within this installation-based video projection, she becomes the Jollibee, a well-recognized character in Filipinx pop culture that is associated with a major fried chicken chain restaurant in the Philippines. She has chosen the Jollibee character because of its ability to represent racialized migrant labour.

Karaoke is a popular pastime for Filipinx people. It is a common recreational activity that connects the community. With this in mind, Cruz will host a karaoke night at the Saint John Tool Library.