Newfoundland artist Kailey Bryan will be exhibiting their video project “Body Loom” at Third Shift, a meditative performance unlike anything else being exhibited. Here’s more:

This video presents a conversation between bodily knowledge and conscious intention; between muscle memory and will. A simple apparatus transforms the artists’ body into a functional loom. Tension is wrought on threads by lips and toes, stretching the length of the corps. The artists’ breath controls the pattern of the weaving, their hands hunting without sight for the threads’ path. Here the body is presented as a site of discipline and production; of rigidity and fluid motion, habit and intuition, poised between agent and machine.

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Third Shift Spotlight: GEOF RAMSAY

New Brunswick designer Geof Ramsay will be setting up his “Pulp Benches” at Third Shift. It is a truly Saint John bred project, here’s Geof with more:

The industry of pulp and paper has undoubtedly shaped Saint John. We are known for the smell and the smokestacks, but how else can we interpret the role of paper pulp in the history Saint John? What if pieces of our city were made of pulp?

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THIRD SHIFT SPOTLIGHT: Sarah Power, Chris Giles and Stephanie Grace-Lilly

Local choreographers, dancers, musicians and filmmakers Sarah Power, Chris Giles and Stephanie Grace-Lilly will be performing their dense and multi-faceted piece “Sahara” at Third Shift. Here’s more on the work, to be put on outdoors for the first time:

Sahara is a multi-disciplinary work comprised of modern dance choreography, live music, video projection, and spoken word. The piece was created under the mentorship of Tedi Tefal and premiered this past April at PERSPECTIVE, a forum for new dance and music.

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THIRD SHIFT SPOTLIGHT: Karen Stentaford & Christie Lawrence

With “Photomatic: Travelling Tintype Studio” Sackville’s Karen Stentaford and Christie Lawrence are bringing a one of a kind interactive experience to Third Shift. A quick image search for “tintype portraits” alone is bound to have you in awe over these dazzling photos of yore. Here they are with more details:

Photomatic: Travelling Tintype Studio is just that, we travel around and make tintype portraits.

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Local face Jud Crandall is setting up shop at Third Shift via his dub-inspired sound experiment “Field Recording”. Here is his project, in his own words:

I am presenting audio recorded in the Trinity Royal district during the overnight hours of February 2015, relating to the severe weather of that time: ubiquitous ploughing and machinery, solitary footsteps, drifting voices , distant traffic. This presentation of sound stems from ideas of time, location and space as represented by dub, a spartan sound production practice that clear-cuts the landscape of a song, repurposing it as a thunderous and expansive sound plate.

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Hailing from St. Andrews, NB, Erika Sullivan is bringing her provocative series “Art Addict” to Third Shift. Here are some of her words on the project:

Art Addict is an ongoing performance that will be taking place in the Historic District of Downtown Saint John. The artist has painted fifty individual cigarettes with unique images relating to the history of Saint John. These images are inspired by important historic figures who have shaped the city over time.

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Some words from Third Shift artist Amy Ash on her project, “I Love You More With Every Remembering”:

Dear Saint John,
I think of you every day. I feel the distance between us.
Sometimes I wonder how things would be different had I stayed with you.
I remember the quiet times I sat with you and how you guided my every step. You were all of my firsts. If we’d met in another time, I would have been yours alone. But we both live for the sea and whisper secrets to the sky. I got carried away, out with the tide. Sometimes I can still hear your voice from afar, drifting across to me in the breeze.
I love you more with every remembering.

Yours always,


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