Sarah Jones (BA, MA Art History) is a visual artist, art historian, and curator. Her visual practice looks at how we interact with urban and industrial environments. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions across Canada and abroad, and her work is held in the public collections of the University of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Art Bank. Jones is a recipient of numerous grants and awards, including funding from ArtsNB and Canada Council for the Arts.

Jones is based in Saint John, New Brunswick. In addition to her own practice, she is the curator at Jones Gallery and teaches art history occasionally at the University of New Brunswick.

DESCRIPTION: In Following Our Common Desires/Small Acts of Bipedal Resistance is a project based on desire paths within the urban context. Desire paths, or social trails, are formed by heavily repeated pedestrian traffic and do not obey formal pathway structures. These are often routes of expediency or practicality—an unplanned, informal or unsanctioned shortcut/pathway through an urban park, for instance. Jones has ‘discovered’ and charted several of these pathways within the Third Shift geographical zone, marking them with an artifact or trail marker. Gold leaf on the marker plays with the idea of desire and turns the identifying artifact itself into an object of desire. She wants to show desire paths as small acts of everyday resistance and rule-breaking in an urban setting, reminding pedestrians that we express agency through our movements and may gradually reclaim empty spaces through our literal footfalls.