Attractions and Activities

Various attractions and activities in New Brunswick include outdoor expeditions and historical buildings. Please read about it here.

Experience New Brunswick's Adventures

Exploring New Brunswick, visitors find an unlimited array of breathtaking natural scenery, charming towns, and fun adventures. Tasty, succulent seafood melts in your mouth from a number of unique, quaint restaurants. With nearly 750,000 inhabitants, residents in the beautiful, out-of-the way province welcome visitors with a friendliness, usually reserved for well-known companions. It’s certainly worth the trip. From seaside escapes to nature excursions, there is plenty to do. Here are

New Brunswick's Championship Hockey

Known for its beautiful scenery and nature activities, New Brunswick is also the home to an internationally recognized annual championship called World Pond Hockey. In 2002, event creators Danny Braun and Tom Chamberlain aspired to raise money to open a recreation center in Tobique Valley, located in the rural Plaster Rock village. Braun’s idea to organize a hockey tournament to raise money for the center has grown into a global