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In 1604, the French landed in the province and began a relationship with the First Nations. Mi’kmaq assisted the French in adapting to living on the land and supported French raids against New England. The French, also called Acadians, settled into what is now called New Brunswick, the first settlers from Europe to do so. France transferred the area to Great Britain, including Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the deal. Today, residents speak both English and French.


Forests account for more than 15 million acres of the province’s 18 million total. More than 83 percent of New Brunswick is forest, making it the area’s largest industry. The sector brings more than $1.5 billion to the local economy, employing more than 22,000 people throughout the province. More than 1,500 forestry businesses benefit from tree harvesting, which occurs following conservation guidelines. One hundred percent of the province’s harvested trees regrow, and government preservationists replant a percentage to ensure New Brunswick maintains its natural beauty.


Visited by travellers from all over the globe, the province enjoys a healthy tourism sector. Visitors experience an assortment of activities, including kayaking, hiking, and ziplining. From internationally recognized sports competitions to concerts featuring iconic talent, New Brunswick offers exciting, unique experiences.

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