Experience New Brunswick’s Adventures

Experience New Brunswick's Adventures

Exploring New Brunswick, visitors find an unlimited array of breathtaking natural scenery, charming towns, and fun adventures. Tasty, succulent seafood melts in your mouth from a number of unique, quaint restaurants. With nearly 750,000 inhabitants, residents in the beautiful, out-of-the way province welcome visitors with a friendliness, usually reserved for well-known companions. It’s certainly worth the trip. From seaside escapes to nature excursions, there is plenty to do. Here are three activities to consider when visiting the province.


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Magnetic Hill has perplexed residents and visitors for nearly 80 years. In the 1930s, a bizarre experience occurred at the hill’s bottom. When a driver removes his foot from the brake, he’s astonished to find that the vehicle rolls backward up the hill. The anomaly continues to puzzle onlookers today.

Local legends attribute the unusual activity to paranormal activity or alien interference. Fortunately, it’s only an illusion, called gravity hill. Hundreds of gravity hill optical illusions exist around the globe, where the uphill incline is a segment of a massive downhill incline. The brain misinterprets how the pitches are situated, causing the vehicle to appear to roll up the hill. In actuality, the car is rolling downhill with gravity.

As a popular attraction in the province, there is a minimal charge of $6 CAN for each car during high-tourist seasons.


With more than 42,000 acres, the provincial park of Mount Carleton is a haven for the adventurous. Hikers travel to the highest Maritime peak at 820 metres higher than sea level. At that altitude, viewers look down on 10 million trees, a spectacular view.  Additional activities include canoeing, off-road biking, and ice-fishing.


Representing New Brunswick’s living history in the 19th and 20th centuries, King’s Landing is an eclectic assortment of reinvented and renovated properties, which are remodelled to respect each building’s history. In the 1960s, this museum of living history began to recreate the rural province’s early provincial narrative for visitors to see today.

New Brunswick offers the perfect escape to dynamic scenery, great food, and enjoyable activities. Beyond experiencing the province’s natural beauty, a vacationer may also participate in sports from golf to tennis and enjoy a range of festivals available annually.